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tv   Around the World  CNN  March 8, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> the new york judge wants macy's and jcpenneys to get on with it make a deal over martha stewart. they are mired over penny's attempt to sell martha's housewares. now the trial is on hold. at least until early april, and that's the time the judge wants an out of court mediated settlement. the 24-year-old woman who was killed by a lion in california apparently died of a broken neck and other neck injuries. last the conclusion of a preliminary autopsy. the coroner also says that the lion and at wildcat park appears to have escaped a smaller pen to the larger enclosure where it attacked the intern who was cleaning it. the intern's name was diana hansen.
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that's all the time we have for you. thank you so much, everyone. stay tuned. "around the world" is next. >> hello, everyone. welcome to "around the world." i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for being with us. >> a big announcement. we are one step closer to knowing who the pope might be. >> the vatican just announced the date for the all important conclave. let's bring in john allen. he's in rome, of course. where else? tuesday is the big day. the idea of why it was selected? it's considered in italy to be a bit of an unlucky day. >> reporter: there's sort of an old roman's wise tale you don't want to start anything on tuesday. in this case the cardinals decided they would roll the dice because they wanted to get this thing under way. and the purpose of the period we
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just lived through over the last week and a half was to get themselves organized. they don't want the spectacle of a long conclave with the divisions and chaos and internal fighting and all of that. obviously they think they have some preliminary consensus worked out. so they're ready to bring the curtain up on this great piece of theater we're going to be seeing playing out in rome over the next few days. >> explain that theater. what is likely to happen? >> well, what's going to happen is tuesday morning the cardinals will celebrate the mass or the election of the pope to sort of join in prayer for a successful conclave. that afternoon they will file into the 16th chapel. they'll sing a hymn to the holy spirit. they will assemble in the 16th chapel. they will swear their oath. they will take one ball et the first night. it would be extremely rare for a pope to be elected on the the
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first ball et. we presume they will return the next wednesday. they will do two ballots in the morning and two ballots in the afternoon. for as long as it takes for one of the cardinals to cross the magic two-thirds threshold which is 77 votes to be elected the next pope. >> stay with us. i want to bring in father james martin. let's talk about this process, the history of it and the timing. a lot of people, particularly in the united states, have seen this as a slow move to a con claf. but these things take time. they move at their own pace, don't they? >> they do. the cardinals want to gather been the conclave in order that they might have time to discuss the kind of person they want and the problems facing the church. i think it makes sense they would have free time before they start to do their voting. it makes sense. >> and father, there's some i tami i
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allian italian reports which have showed some consternation from the european and africa, asia and beyond and there's a lot of pressure to try to get a non-european. especially to depart from any sort of corruption, reports of mismanagement. are you hearing anything like that? does it sound feasible? >> i think there's two things going on. you saw something of a media clamp down after the american cardinals were giving press briefings. i think that went against the ways of some cardinals in the vatican. maybe some of the italian cardinals and some of the more traditional cardinals. but everyone is looking for someone who can really move the church ahead, who can confront all the issues facing the church. sexual abuse, the feeling that the church is irrelevant. i don't know there's much difference on that. everyone is more or less united about trying to find the best person. >> and father, before we let you go, i'm curious about also
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the -- all of these cardinals were either appointed by benedict or his previous successor. so there's a feeling that it's more of the same candidate list. with these scandals and corruption claims and all of the rest, the there really needs to this be a shift, does there not? or at least the appearance of one. >> i think there does need to be a shift. all the cardinals are appointed by john paul or benedict. but once the person is elected. it's up to him what he wants to do. it's up to the holy spirit to guide him. all the cardinals know there needs to be changes. especially vatican governing and some of the scandals that have been happening. even if you get someone from the pool of people that benedict and jo john paul appointed, they know there needs to be a change. >> john allen, joining us from rome, thanks to both of you
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gentlemen. appreciate it. and markets have been way up this week and the last couple of weeks. unemployment is down, lower than expected. >> lots of signs of encouragement. the official unemployment rate as of this morning, now 7.7%. >> let's break down the numbers with ali velshi. and then alison kosik. what is interesting is all this great news. the market was like, eh. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. you know what, i did see the dow pop at the open. some of the spirit, the celebration is fizzling out. the dow continues to reach the record highs. this is the fourth day in a row. the question is, will it close on a record high? one trader puts it this way, though. the jobs data is more significant than this record high that the dow is hitting every day. they're feeling more encouragement. because they're seeing the jobs day that that came out all week.
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and those jobless claims numbers are going down. all of those reports are matching ha the government is saying today. the increase in government in 230,000 jobs last month. this trader says this is a real sign of progress. one reason you may see the celebration mr. muted is because the focus is on the bank stress tests that the fed released yesterday. the federal reserve put the country's biggest banks under what's known as stress tests to see in a hypothetical situation if the nation's biggest banks can withstand a sharp economic downturn. the majority of the banks scored good points. jpmorgan chase, bank of america and goldman sachs came out too close to having risky assets by the federal reserve standards. that's making investors gun shy to buy into the market today. nonetheless, once again, the dow is at another record high. >> all right, alison. appreciate that.
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thanks so much. alison kosik there in the midst of it. >> we're not done. let's talk about that jobs report. christine romans is joining us now. we're all one big family, you know. >> we look a little different. >> but you're interchangeable, almost, given that you share a book. let's look at the unemployment rate. 7.7. very encouraging. an indicator of more jobs, particularly in the private sector. >> you see hiring in restaurants. you see hiring in offices and construction sites. let me dig into the numbers for you. unemployment rate, 7.7%. best in december. 2.78. private sector added 247,000 jobs. the government added 10,000. that's a trend we're seeing for some time. state budgets getting cut. economists are telling me this morning, probably school related jobs, but the private sector is hiring.
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where is the private sector hiring? this is where you can get a glimpse of what's happening in the american economy. look at construction. 48,000 jobs out of there. probably a little bit of that is hurricane sandy reconstruction jobs. a lot of that is a housing market recovery. we're seeing the housing market perk up. that means good paying construction jobs. on the very top of your screen,that briefcase, 73,000 jobs, some of those are tax preparers. in offices and technology jobs and anything that has to do with computer systems design, those jobs doing pretty, pretty well sochlt y. so you can look across here. health care is up. that's been a steady area of job creation. what's so interesting about health care, there are two extremes in the health care jobs. you're seeing a lot of jobs added that are very low paying jobs. ironically, health care jobs that don't provide health insurance, and you're seeing other jobs that pay very, very well with some schooling and training. the more education, the more specific skills you have, the
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more like lie you're finding a lake in the slow recovery in the labor market, guys. >> i don't know about getting a job in the health care area and not getting health insurance. >> that doesn't make any sense to me. thanks so much. we'll get another close encounter with a large asteroid this weekend, perhaps. >> don't panic. rest easy. but look up, just in case. >> keep looking over your shoulder. it's not going to get any closer than a mere 600,000 miles. the moon is less than half that distance away. >> so that explosion in kazakhstan shattered windows for miles around and 1,500 people were hurt. >> yeah, it's not like that one. deick is with the institute in philadelphia. he's going to lay it out for us. if something -- this isn't going to happen, but were it to happen, what could you do about it? >> you could put up your
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titanium umbrella and hope for the best. >> have a party, you said to someone. >> that would be the best thing to do. party like it's 1999. if something really does hit us like that, it would ruin your day, let's say. >> so it wouldn't break up in the atmosphere, as it enters the earth's atmosphere, that is. >> would it break up? it depends on what kind of object it is. we talk about the objects as asteroids. they can be asteroids or meteorites. they typically make it to the surface if they're of considerable size. if it's rocky, it will typically break up in the earth's atmosphere and the smaller pieces will become much less destructive. zbloo we're telling people about it now. the scientists have known about it for a while longer. again we come to the questions of what would you do it about
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it? people have ideas, don't they? >> yes, they do have ideas. one of the ideas is perhaps we'll send a bomb or nuclear missile to blow it up. that's not such a good idea. all you get then is a lot of pieces heading towards you. but i have another idea thought about by scientists. bear with me. this one is unusual. imagine you send a spacecraft, that's like a freighter that has a load, a payload, of a white substance like flour or sugar. if you spread this over one side of the asteroid, what happens is the white part versus the dark part creates difference shl heating on the surface. that then causes it to tumble and move off the trajectory. so there's an interesting way to make a change. >> i would like to see that happen. >> but for that to happen, it's a big what if that would be masterful. >> we need bruce willis on this
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one. >> thank you. very fascinating. >> thanks for having me. >> here is more of what we're working on around the world. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law, we were talking about this yesterday. he's being arraigned in the u.s. court on charges of conspireing to kill americans. >> and we'll have his response to those charges in a live report. >> also coming up, new details on how that lion was able to attack an american intern working in a cat sanctuary. and later, justin bieber released from the hospital and preparing for a big concert in europe. we'll take you live to london for a preview. blacked him outs card here and here. he should have used... the capital one venture card. he's coming to us from home. hey fellas... hey baby, you want mama to iron your undies? nice tightie whities. i didn't know mrs. barkley made quilts. really? looks like a circus tent. is that the best you got? now if you put this, with this, you have a sailboat. what's in your wallet?
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. welcome back, everyone, to "around the world." let's update you on top stories. chinese officials say they are highly concerned about north korea's threat against south korea's and the united states. >> this comes one day after an unusual move by china. instead of using the veto power to block sanctions against north korea, it sided with the u.n. security council and voted to domt t adopt the measures. >> this is going to make it harder for north korea to get weapons. luxury things like yachts and high-end jewelry won't be able
9:18 am
to get in. this is north korea's only true friend here. >> they do need each other. at least north korea needs china in a big way. the announcement of the sanctions brought rhetoric from north korea. state television has been showing what it says are new images of kim jong-un and his troops, although the date of this video is unclear. >> extraordinary video. they're all following him into the icy waters there. on thursday north korea threatened a preemptive nuclear attack on its enemies. they say seoul will respond strongly to any provocation. that is north korea in february. >> it is extraordinary to watch. oh my goodness. >>s i was also surprised that the boat that the leader is on is rather modest. >> that is devotion. about 60,000 members meantime of the u.s. customs and border protection services are awaiting
9:19 am
for the belt to tighten. they got word this week that furloughs are coming, along with a hiring freeze, no overtime and a big chop in training. >> yes, officials say the forced spending cuts, that's what is making them find a way to save more than $750 million by the end of september. they're expecting the furloughs, budget cuts, of course, delays and other snags at the nation's airports. >> bioy, oh, boy. a member of osama bin laden's family stood in a new york city courtroom today. >> sualaiman abu ghaith heard charges against him this morning. >> he's appearing in videos singing the praises of 9/11 attacks and is now charged with planning acts of terrorism. >> susan candiotti is inside the
9:20 am
courtroom. saw him face a judge, and he did enter a plea. >> reporter: yes, michael, he did. a plea was entered on his behalf, a not guilty plea. and it's always fascinating to see the terror suspects for the first time in person, especially because the last time we have seen him or the familiarity with him has been watching imon video taped messages in which he blasts the united states and warns americans that al qaeda is going to get him. now he is balding on the top of his head. he was lead into court with his hands handcuffed behind his back. those were removed before the court proceedings began. man has time and again been called the mouthpiece for osama bin laden. it was a very brief hearing today. it only lasted 15 minutes. first of all, prosecutors said they obtained from him a 22-page statement that he made to them after he was arrested. now, they provided no further details about that.
9:21 am
we also learn that he was arrested on february 28th when he was overseas. remember, he was in turkey. turkey expelled him, and he came to the united states via jordan. he arrived in the united states, according to prosecutors, on march 1st, and he's been held in a federal detention center ever since, until he made his first court appearance today. that back to you, michael. >> susan candiotti, we'll check back with you. fred townsend is with us now. the national security contributor. so let's talk about this. "a", still unclear where he was apprehended. but how unusual in your view is it that he would be facing these charges and make his first court appearance in the u.s., in new york city? >> fredricka, it is to the tremendous credit of u.s. intelligence and law enforcement authorities. this kind of an operation takes enormous amounts of coordination. not just inside the u.s.
9:22 am
government, but obviously with the cooperation and help of your allies around the world. the interesting thing, ab ababu abu ghaith has been in iran in what was sort of called house arrest. he had freedom. unclear why he left. was he expelled? did he choose to leave on his own? he had a false saudi passport, which is what got him in trouble in turkey. once he started to move the u.s. sports were able to track him. the fact that he's been brought back here so many years later to face charges is frankly a good thing. >> when he was puck picked up in turkey, they wouldn't have him. they tried to send him to a home company in kuwait. but tell us, peter bergen, he's saying this guy is not such a big fish. was he a talker or planner? how big was he within the organization? >> you know, michael, i think it's fair to say he was a bigger
9:23 am
fish. closer in time to 9/11. when he was with osama bin laden, he was in bora bora at that sort of last stand of bin laden in afghanistan. and he was a talker, but he also had the ability to issue threats on behalf of bin laden and the al qaeda organization. so over time, the point peter bergen is making is he's been on ice for more than ten years inside iran, not part of the operational loop, as best we can tell. and so i don't expect he'll have much relevant, realtime intelligence information that the u.s. authorities can act on. >> just really dotting the map there. clearly being trailed, even though kind of falling off the map for a period of time. but at the right moment was apprehended. >> and they picked him up initially. so interesting. several police officers in south africa behind bars for the horrific death that raised
9:24 am
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lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the brutality of the video simply shocked the world.
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>> it did. yeah, we're going to warn you again, too, that these pictures are horrifying. bystanders looking on in horror as they watch police officers in uniform handcuff a man to a police van, haul away and drag him along the road. >> and of course, that man later died in his cell. today nine of those police officers face murder charges. >> arol barnett was in the courtroom. the officers when they were taking in, did they say anything? what happened? >> well, we did get to hear from the officers today, michael. but i can tell you, maybe it's becoming typical of south african court cases, it wasn't without a few twists and turns. when i walked in this morning they were eight charges police officers. the judge announced a ninth had been arrested and charged. there was an audible gasp in the room. when all of the nine officers were in the courtroom, we did
9:28 am
get to hear their written statements read allowed. they essentially follow the same story. same version of events. they say the 27-year-old taxi driver had parked his car in the middle of the road. that he was resisting arrest. they say he was using abusive language and one police officer said he reached for another officer's gun. none of the statements explain what you just witnessed in the video that has been seen around the the world, which shows him being tied to the back of a police vehicle and being dragged for a distance. they also said they were shocked and surprised to find out hours later that he died in his cell. the autopsy revealed that he died of lack of oxygen to the brain and body. during the proceed agz as well i was able to speak to his father. he says there's no excuse. there's no explanation for what they did to his son. he says the police here need to
9:29 am
learn a lesson. at this moment he's taking his son's body from johannesburg, where i am now, to his funeral on saturday. and so that family will continue to grieve. these officers, we don't know if they'll make bail until the hearing resumes on monday. >> and so, errol, what about the police department and what about the general public? there's already, you know, a great history of distrust between people and the police department and then now you're talking about a police department that looks very different than the police department of the days when people could call to race when an incident like that were to happen. this is a case where you have black police officers and your victim is black. >> yeah, and you have people in south africa wondering, you know, it's not necessarily racial discrimination anymore. perhaps it's about class. many of the people where the court hearing was held were protesting outside. the police closed off the street
9:30 am
for fear thateople would become violent and start taking out their anger against police. we saw this on wednesday at the memorial service. people were verb bli aggressive towards police officers. but to their credit, south african police service and the the watchdog agency called the ipid, they're not taking any chances. they know the massive international spotlight on the country right now. not just because of this case, but let's not forget the oscar pistorius hearing, which is ongoing, and the classic from last year. they want to show even if police go outside the law, they're not above it, and they can eventually be met with justice. >> errol burnett, thank you so much from johannesburg. >> disturbing case. we mentioned earlier the catholic church moving closer to electing a pope. >> that's right. the cardinals have set a conclave date now. we'll tell you what that date is in case you missed and we'll explain the secretive process behind the votes. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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the young woman killed by a captive lion two days ago was not mauled to death, according to her father. he has the story he told cnn. >> he was talking to anderson cooper last night. let's have a listen. >> there was no mauling by the lion. it was more likely a quick suffocation and neck fracture. there was no blood. they think it was a quick death followed by just some injuries of the lion that was probably playing too hard. and also, she was so happy. her last two months there as an internship were the happiest of her life. her mother and i agree we have never seen her happier than the two months she's been there since january 2nd when we got there. >> such a tragedy. paul hansen told anderson that he had a premonition that something bad would happen to his daughter working with those lions. >> the 24-year-old died wednesday in the animal's
9:35 am
enclosure at a big cat sanctuary. she was working as an intern there. also in the united states, the cdc is warning of a deadly new virus not seen in humans before. >> this is terribly frightening. highest risk are people who recently travelled to the middle east, related to the same family of viruss th in the common cold. it could be anything really. but 14 of these cases are actually being documented. eight deaths. no cases yet reported in the u.s. turning back to the pope now. we now have a date that a new pope could be chosen. >> the start of the process. the vatican announcing the conclave will begin on tuesday.
9:36 am
>> reporter: john mahn takes us inside the process. the conclave, which means locked with a key, dates back to a time where cardinals were lock eed until they chose a new pope. now the world is locked out. much of the conclave will take place behind closed doors. the gathering begins with a morning mass in st. peter's basilica. in the afternoon the 115 voting cardinals, those under 80 years old, enter the 16th chapel will each will take an oath of secrecy. the penalty, automatic ex-communication. after the the oath, preparations are made for the election, taken by secret ballot. lots are drawn to select three cardinals to select ballots, three more to count the votes, and three others to review the results. printed on the ballots, the words "eligo im summu
9:37 am
"eligo im summum pontificem. the cardinals are not allowed to vote for themselves. then in order of seniority, the cardinals take a ballot to the altar. once all the votes are cast, the ballots are tallied and the results are read allowed. more than a two-thirds majority is needed to declare a winner, in this case 77 votes. if there is no winner there's another vote. if there is still to winner, two more votes are scheduled for the afternoon. voting continues, up to four ballots a day until there's a winner. the ballots are burned in an insen ri incinerat incinerat incinerator, sending off the the most famous smoke signals in the world. when there is a winner, the ballots are burned alone, giving off white smoke, oo sign from the cardinals that they have
9:38 am
chosen a new pope to lead the church. jonathan mann, cnn, atlanta. >> what an extraordinary piece of real estate there. >> and we were talking about how beautiful. >> it's really a remarkable thing to see. and as you're in there, you cannot believe, wow, he really did this? >> you think, wow, he was good at this. >> yeah, he was really good! impressive. well, venezuela has already had seven days of mourning. now officially they're going to say good-bye to hugo chavez. >> and one guest is iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad, there. a live report straight ahead. an. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day
9:39 am
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and let's take you to afghanistan right now. a new u.s. defense secretary visiting american troops.
9:42 am
>> chuck hagel making his first war visit since becoming secretary of state. he says his number one job is to meet with the soldiers in person. >> he's also meeting with afghan president karzai. meanwhile, president obama will not engage in any kind of chest beating over iran's nuclear program. >> sources say he made the remarks with a meeting with jewish lead ters ahead of his trip to israel. he says the usz will continue to work towards a diplomatic resolution to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. >> he repeated that no options were off the table. >> onto venezuela now. the vice president will be sworn in tonight as the country's interim president. >> maduro is going to hold the office for 30 days. there needs to be new elections by then. maduro, of course, replaces hugo chavez who died of cancer.
9:43 am
>> chavez's funeral is under way right now. we're learning more details about how long the president will lie in state and what will happen with his body? >> loeet's talk about what's happening now. bring us up to date on that. and also what happened to the body. it's going to be around for a while. >> exactly, michael. right now what we're seeing is the official state funeral. it's a fairly formal affair, as you can see. there are some 30 heads of state from around the world. we have the iranian president, ahmadinejad, but they're mostly from latin america. and that's because this is a type to recall and reflect back on hugo chavez and his legacy. he's the man, this car harismat leader. every president in the region has come through venezuela in the last three days.
9:44 am
we've heard the national anthem. a lot of presidents stood up and did sort of a guard of honor next to the casket. now we're hearing more music and prayers. this is just a way for them to recognize, even if they don't agree with him ideologically, all of the dreams that he had for this region, michael. now this is just the beginning of the funeral proceedings and ceremonies will actually continue. he will continue to lie in state for another seven days. they had to extend this because so many people turned out. tens of thousands of venezuelans turned out to say good-bye. they waited in the hot sun for up to 12 hours at a time, sleeping outside. it became so worrisome that they decided to extend this period. and then the big announcement came. they decided to embalm his body. so, in fact, what the vice president nicholas maduro said is they want to be able to be seen for the rest of eternity.
9:45 am
just like the rest of the revolutionary leaders. so he will be embalmed and placed in a glass case inside the revolutionary museum, michael. >> and for how long then on display, so to speak? >> well, venezuelans can line up to see him for the next seven days, but the embalming, he said for eternity. he will be on display for eternity in the museum. just as we've seen in other countries. the idea being also that this would be a way for the leaders taking over to prolong his legacy and show that the revolution won't die. they really need to fire up the bases and try to keep all of the support that hugo chavez had in venezuela, that he built as the president. and maduro isn't this
9:46 am
charismatic leader like chavez was. >> and he had a fractious relationship with the united states and others, but this is a man who was a politically effective leader but economically a disastrous one in many ways lchlt the culture, as it was known, survive with new leadership there? >> well, there are going to be a couple of issues here. on the one hand, the way that hugo chavez funded all his socialist policies, going in, building schools, building health clinics, providing jobs and education and free houses was through oil revenues. this is a very oil rich country. luckily for munduro, he will still likely have access to the oil resources. over the years there had been a problem that hugo chavez is
9:47 am
rusing them to refund the projects and the oil industry has been depleted. it's really been stripped. maduro will have to deal with this. he won't have the same resources over the next year that hugo chavez will have. and he won't have the same resources, michael. >> thank you so much. yeah, clarity is devalued like 90% over the last decade. for an oil rich country, the economy is really shattered. hyper inflation, everything is out of control. >> this goegs still. >> you wouldn't want to inherit that, really. >> a group of chinese immigrants living in new york are being kicked out of their homes. >> a sad story, this, we'll tell you why next. bright students are getting lost in the shuffle.
9:48 am
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9:51 am
>> mr. wong has lived in this tiny room for more than 30 years. he came to the u.s. alone in 1977. we met mr. wong when we reported on the conditioned where he and his fellow chinese immigrants were living. >> good to see you again. can we come in? >> here on the fourth floor of 81 bowery. they work low-wage jobs. many live two who three to a room, with rent just a few hundred bucks a month, it's all they can afford. this week mr. wong and the other residents were evict ed, told te conditions are too dangerous. many residents are still at work. when they come home they're going to find out they can't stay here because of concern over the safety of the living situations here. >> the amount of debris and fire breeding conditions that could cause this place to develop a fire and not be extinguished properly, which will put the residents in danger.
9:52 am
>> danger from what the fire department said were gas leaks makeshift ceilings build on their room for privacy block the sprinkle sprinklers. >> there was two major gas leaks. there's numerous indications of cigarette smoking, matches, candles, things of that nature, which can easily ignite the combustible debris. >> but mr. wong doesn't want to go. how do you feel, mr. wong? >> translator: they force us out. we no longer have a place to stay. he's been here for 30 years. nothing has ever happened. it's safe. >> but you see, mr. wong, look up. this, the sprinklers cannot get through here. this is what the fire department told me they're worried about. some say the landlord, donald lee, wants to see them evicted so he can rent for more money.
9:53 am
>> do you think you keep this place up in adequate shape that's good for the resident sths. >> yes, i do. i warn them. they are not listening. they do whatever they like. >> the people who live here are generally the lowest paid workers. our invisible workforce in the city. people do not choose to live in a single room. and are here by default, but have made a community. >> a community that in the past they have fought to keep. the residents here were evicted in 2008, also after a safety inspection. after protests and a lawsuit, they were allowed back in. will you fight again to get back in here? >> translator: yes, he wants to come back and live here again. if he doesn't come back here, where is he supposed to go? he has nowhere to go. >> translator: the red cross is putting mr. wong in a hotel, but the limit is three days. after that it's not clear where
9:54 am
he will go. poppy harlow, cnn, new york. >> that is heartbreaking. >> you can see both sides of the story. it does look like a fire hazard. >> it does. but the need is still there. teen sensation, justin bieber fresh out of the hospital and ready to hit the stage. >> thank goodness. i was worried sick. we'll have a live report up next. we're at walmart. it's tax refund time and wesley & ashley are looking for a brand new smartphone. let's go. we've got a samsung galaxy sii on t-mobile monthly4g for only $299 with no annual contract. nice! [ earl ] see for yourself. get the samsung galaxy s ii on t-mobile's nationwide 4g network. walmart.
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i didn't know we could talk so much justin bieber during one commercial break, but we did. he is having a bad week in london. he got caught with a lot of flak for being two hours late for a concert. then he gets sick at another performance. >> let's bring in erin. explain what happened and how he's feeling now. >> reporter: it certainly has been a tough week for justin bieber. justin bieber and members of his entourage clashing with paparazzi outside his hotel today. they had a rather heated exchange. take a look at what happened. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. what are you doing? what are you doing? >> to say the least, the video
9:58 am
really highlights what seems to be a rather tense relationship between justin bieber and members of the paup rauz here in the u.k. justin bieber appearing to respond today to the altercation via twitter. he has around 35 million twitter followers. he wrote, quote, sometimes when people are shoving cameras in your face and yelling the worst thing possible at you, well, i'm human. rough week. rough week indeed, michael and fredricka. >> yeah, and that's aside from the concert debacle and being ill. that's a lot of beibs for him. there's a lot of pressure on him, i suppose. he's only 19. zbloo there's an incredible amount of pressure on justin bieber. just last night he ended up in the hospital, apparently with shortness of breath during the middle of his concert. he had to stop perform to go
9:59 am
backstage to be treated with oxygen by emt officials on hand. he was able to finish his performance. but afterwards, hospitalized. he was discharged around 3:00 a.m. that incident proceeded by his concert on monday night when he was hours late. he was booed universally on stage before he could even perform. so it's been an incredibly bad week for justin bieber, but he's also under an intense o amount of pressure and scrutiny here in the u.k. >> erin, good to see you. surprisingly not raining in london. who would have thought? >> and that's a huge crowd inside of the stadium. scientists say they have discovered an entirely new life form. >> you tell them about that. i'm out of here. have a good weekend. >> you have a great weekend. hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry.


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